Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bag Ladies...

I'm a lover of bags, no matter what kind and when I saw Patti's (Cherish Each Precious Day blog) cute little pink gingham bag, I knew I had to make one. Her link takes you to another link which takes you to the link with instructions - click here (Jenn Diercks gives the step by step guidelines).

I actually took a class and made this bag - a little differently. A club I belong to that raises money for scholarships to help the under privileged saw the bags and wanted them as a gift for each member at the holiday party last year. I made 75 of these babies - complete with clip cart they picked that became a die-cut from card stock. All of the recipients loved it. That one had a better bottom fold to help it remain standing. I even made cute little thank you cards that fit well inside and they added a small ornament (yes, our bag was a little shorter and wider). It was fun.

Another gift idea for the holidays. Are you a follower yet? Good - now you can tell a friend so grab our blinkie and let people know of these fantastic short-cuts and freebies.

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