Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Envelope Holiday Gift Bag

You know, we are all on a budget and sometimes it's hard to think of gifts and save money at the same time. Well at Humble Pie Stamps, not only do they have a fantastic idea for a gift, but an even cuter idea to put the gift in --- an envelope!

Isn't that too cute? Tricia wrote that you can fill these with those miniature lotions, shampoos, etc. It is a cute gift for someone who could certainly use this to fill up the travel bag or a student (they can keep these in their lockers at school). You can fill it with candy and give to a co-worker or friend. Those miniature chocolates are usually on sale right about now. So many opportunities.

Click here to find out how to make this yourself.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift Bag

A lovely lady (Michele Roos) made a comment on one of my blogs and I wanted to return the same. As I was browsing through her blog, I came across a bag - yes, just call me The Bag Lady! Look at this gift bag she created with just a brown paper bag!

You can find her instructions here. Michele also makes the most beautiful flowers that can be purchased on her other website. Last but not least, her cards are just incredible! You've got to check it out! ;D

This little gift bag was so cute, I had to give it a try. You know, it's a great way to use up your Christmas paper scraps (after all, new designs will come out next year, so you have to make room, right?) . :P

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowman Ornament

Since it's that time of year and everyone is getting started with Christmas shopping, holiday cards, etc., what about ornaments? Well, Kerri (aka "scrappin_mom3) has a tutorial on making this beautiful ornament, as featured on Practical Scrappers. Check out her blog for the instructions.

The coolest part is it is all done in circles. Emboss your paper first and the rest is easy as pie. Check it out for yourself.

Happy Crafting! ;D

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vellum Window Pocket with Insert

I am such a fan of Maria's blog: Stampin Inspirations by Maria. This is such a talented woman, that it is unbelievable the crafts that puts out! You can always count on seeing and being inspired by the beautiful crafts she has made.

This envelope pocket has a little window of which could be acetate or vellum. I chose vellum as it is something I don't often use. I stamped one and embossed it, which came out kind of cute. The rest I left plain.

I did two more and am pleased with how they came out. The insert can be decorated with a lot of fluff or just simple die-cuts like I did. It's so easy - you'll have fun doing this little goody.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Another Bag

Greetings everyone,

I know you miss Jacqui - so do I! :p But she's in the UK - unpacking and all that fun stuff!

I have another bag for you that I found through a blog. This bag is so cute and only needs one sheet of paper - 81/2 x 11 (how cool is that?). I would recommend using a light card stock, not that heavy kind from specialty papers, as it will be difficult for that little pinch on the side. Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

These make great gifts for that little bag of candy you want to give some one. I'm going to make a bunch of these to give as little gifts to my DT for the holidays (and some other goodies) because they've been so good to me, helping me promote Tellen's Place. It's just a nice thank you to them for spending their time and blog space, making beautiful crafts and all that; you really know it is a blessing. I think this little goodie is an inexpensive but crafty way to let them know I care about them! :)

Hope you are having a wonderful day and for those in the US - Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble, gobble!! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bag Ladies...

I'm a lover of bags, no matter what kind and when I saw Patti's (Cherish Each Precious Day blog) cute little pink gingham bag, I knew I had to make one. Her link takes you to another link which takes you to the link with instructions - click here (Jenn Diercks gives the step by step guidelines).

I actually took a class and made this bag - a little differently. A club I belong to that raises money for scholarships to help the under privileged saw the bags and wanted them as a gift for each member at the holiday party last year. I made 75 of these babies - complete with clip cart they picked that became a die-cut from card stock. All of the recipients loved it. That one had a better bottom fold to help it remain standing. I even made cute little thank you cards that fit well inside and they added a small ornament (yes, our bag was a little shorter and wider). It was fun.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Frosty Mug...

Happy Monday!

The weekend is over and if you are still pondering what to do about Christmas, here's an idea for you that Jacqui has over at Crafty Cardz. Yes, it's a free mug!

As you can see, you, this mug can be printed on patterned cardstock, which means you'd only need adhere die-cuts; no coloring, just a bit of a bow and a die-cut and you're done. How easy is that?

I cut the pattern on the fold so that it would open like a card. This was double sided designer paper, which works perfectly. I added plain paper for writing as such and added another die-cut ornament.

This freebie can add to the typical square card, so why not head over to the Crafty Cardz and get the pattern. You'll be happy you did. While you're at it, take our blinkie and add it to your blog so people can learn more about us. Better yet, become a follower yourself and let others know - it's a fab place especially for short cuts and tips on so many things, especially free stuff! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gift Giving...

Although Thanksgiving for the U.S. is next week, many of us are putting together Christmas gifts, trying to get a head start before the mad rush and last minute pick-me-ups.

You Tube has many tutorials on quick gift ideas and I found one that is quite popular in the blogging craft community: The envelope mini album. There are so many but I'm not one to work on a project days on end. I want to see the results fairly soon.

This mini album tutorial can be found here.
The envelopes are a good size and make a small enough mini album that can be taken to friends' or family members' houses to show off - a little quick brag book, so to speak.
For the covers, I cut out patterned designer paper (DCWV - Taj Mahal) - one for the front and one for the back.

On the flap, I adhered die cuts. This is a perfect place for die-cuts or rub-ons. In the video, she actually does some embossing.

I wanted to keep it simple because I wasn't sure if the person I'm giving it to is frilly though she seems to be a clean cut kind of girl. She went to Morocco to meet a guy who happens to be a friend of my husband's. I'll put photos of her and him that they sent us on these pages.

The tag insert has a patterned front to adhere more photos and a plain back for journaling.

For this mini album, I only used 4 envelopes (approximately 7x5"). I wanted to keep it small and simple so that she could take it to work and show her friends photo from the trip.

I actually made a Christmas one first.

I didn't do anything special to the tags, as you can see. Just a place to put photos and on the other side, there's a blank space for journaling.

Lessons learned: Make sure your eyelets match the holes made by your eyelet maker. I used Making Memories and didn't check to see which was being used and the holes were bigger than the eyelet and they sort of kept coming apart once I put the rings in.

These are actual Christmas gift tags I found at Michael's and were only $1.49 whereas the other die cuts usually cost around $4.99 for this quality. I removed the string and just adhered it to the flaps.

Overall, I really like these envelope mini albums. I plan to make more but will make sure holes, eyelets and rings work prior to putting it all together. ;P

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Happy crafting!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gifts for Everyone

It's that time of year, isn't it? The economy is not doing us a favor with the predicament it is in; however, you'll still be able to give cute little what-nots to family and friends. Here's one idea I got from Stampin Inspirations by Maria:

Isn't this the cutest little goody bag? Guess what, it is a standard envelope. I've covered the front and back with designer paper.

You can even stamp images on plain colored card stock and use it too.

I put a snowflake and gem on the front of the candy, which is wrapped in more patterned paper. In fact, if you get the double sided paper, you'll save even more money. The candy is your typical Hershey bar (this one has nuts) and you can buy a bulk or so and save.

I added a chipboard embellishment, a ribbon and a sentiment ticket. There you have it - a gift under $5 but more valuable because it is handmade (and edible). The person can easily use the envelope to stash paper things like receipts, pieces of notes, etc.

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Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Photo Album

What a beauty of a blog we have for you now....This link was sent to me from 1cardcreator (Diane) thank you so much!.. See we can all come across something and think how big this resource will be when we find it all!

Isn't this just a stunning photograph and there are more at this wonderful site...

All she ask is...


These are FREE PHOTOS.
You may use them for anything,
but DO NOT put them into a collection for sale.
Thank you.

So get yourselves over there and get crafting!

But don't forget to follow us.. and if you use an image.. maybe come back and leave a comment with a link to your site on this post .. so we can all see... maybe you would also like to use our logo on your site...

Here it is....Old Photo Album 

Easel Card Tutorial

A tutorial here for the Easel Card.. the ones that are cropping up everywhere. 

Pictures steps along with diagrams.. very easy to follow.. how do I know.. cause I did the tutorial so has to be!!

Just a couple that I have made... so well worth giving it a try... once you have the idea of them.. you can make them bigger, the principle is the same.  Let us know if you make any as we would love to see them!

Here is the link... Crafty Cardz   

Please don't forget to tell your friends that we are here... follow us and maybe take our logo and put on your own blog.. ooo what about a comment or link back to your own creation from the template..Happy Crafting!

The Boxes Have It!

Have you seen those cute little 4-drawer boxes? Some even have an easel card on top. Well, if you've ever wondered how to make one and didn't want to buy the tutorial or the kit, check Kirsten's Blogg - she has put up a tutorial. Check out her blog - she makes some of the most awesome projects ever!

I thought it would be nice to try this...a second time. The first time was crappy, so if this is new for you, use scraps first, then move on to the cute papers you have. I learned that cute papers are key.

I wanted to keep the top simple because I think my paper (K & Company) is so cute. It has Santa there with a gift and there's that cute image from Tellen's Place of Edward and Ally all huddled under the Christmas tree. The dotted bow works well with the dotted paper. I used Lisa's Paper Town sentiment tickets because they're already printed and I don't have to think what to write. Sometimes, I just can't think... :D

I added a snowflake on each corner where the lace punch (Martha Stewart) papers didn't connect. Isn't the snowflake cute - like filigree - a pearl is a nice touch with the bows adhered to fabric lace on top of that.

If you open the card up, more embellishments (Making Memories) on the left. On the right I distress inked the lace punched paper with Versa Mark Hint of Pesto and adhered it to layered pattern paper. I cut out the presents from the paper I used on front, punched a tree with Martha Stewart's Xmas tree & ornaments punch, adhered those babies nad completed the box.

The knobs were colored with Copics.

The doubles sided paper worked particularly well so that you have something colorful inside the drawers as well as outside.

All in all, it's a cool (and free) project!

Here's a second one I did - pretty in pink.

The possibilities are endless in a crafting world, aren't they? ;)

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Happy Crafting!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Digital Doodling

Yep another FREEBIE for you...

Nip over to Digital Doodling cause she has reached her 200 followers and is giving away a lovely image of Tilly Claus.

Great in time for those that haven't finished their Christmas cards this year!.. of course the image on site doesn't have the watermark on. 

 Wendy has just taken on a new DT member and also runs challenges.

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Here is her link....Digital Doodling   Happy Crafting.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tellen's Place Challenge.. Freebie

Ok.. Ok.. now is your chance to grab a fantastic FREEBIE that Tellen's Place is giving away with their challenge this week...

Nip over there to see...  I entered the challenge so the image on the front of this card is the one you can get...

Quick.. oh and don't forget to follow us to see what we come up with next.. tell your friends and how about putting our logo on your site :))  Don't want much do we lol

Here is the link..... Tellen's Place

Mom's Break

Here is another cute site that has lots of free printables on... there seems to be a lot of advertising on these pages.. but sure enough there are things for us crafters and FREE .. so we can't moan about the site advertising now can we!

 A lovely little border of pink ribbons they designed for the October Breast Cancer Week.. so shows the site is still active and being used!

Also they have party invites.. great for those who have the youngsters and not enough time to design the invites etc..

Again the usual... don't forget to follow us, leave a comment.. nice to know you have visited us and check back often as always looking for FREEBIE pages!      
Here's the link....   Mom's Break

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Tube Tutorial... Mini Album.

Yes.. I know.. but there are loads of tutorials on there that may or may not improve your crafting.

Anyway.. I have heard and see others making these and they are beautiful... so thought we would post this on here for you to see...   It is done by someone called... Follow the paper trail!  They do seem to have several posts on there... so you might have to work your way through them.  This is also a 10 min or so video... so might take a moment to load!


 This is a fantastic little site... she sells lots of her images.. but also has a section for Freebies.. yes .. I know.. and they are wonderful...

I will be posting a photo of one that I made earlier with her lovely image... I also made the backing paper that is behind it.. thought it went perfectly!

Anyway.. here it is! 

 So again... don't forget to follow us... nab our logo for your site.. the more the merrier we all say... and do let us know if you know of somewhere great that we can advertise on here...  

Have fun!

Card Therapy

Morning all fellow bloggers :)

Came across this fantastic blog today...Craft Room.. it is written by this super lady called Sue Lelli... and she lives in Texas.  Her lovely site is so pretty and so are her cards... here are a few..

So why are we directing you to her site?  Besides her beautiful cards.. she has all the sketches on there for the cards that she has produced.. now ok.. they are from other people's challenges but why not copy a few for your own card making layouts...just make sure you don't take them as your own... as none of us want to get into trouble.

But also .. yep I haven't finished yet... she does go into a little detail on how she makes the cards so that is also a bonus to isn't it!

So again... don't forget to follow us... nab our logo for your site.. the more the merrier we all say... and do let us know if you know of somewhere great that we can advertise on here... 

Here is Sue's blog....CARD THERAPY

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bits Of Paper Blog

This lovely blog has been passed on to us... at what a find it is.. thank  you!  Isn't it great that we all share!

Anyway.. the site is run by lady called Jamie Lane.. she seems to love bits of paper!... but not only that she brings you some Cricut files.  so for all of you out there.. why not jump at the chance to go over and see what she has to offer.

Her is a Wii box that she has on  her site... the directions are also there...

So if you have got some one a game .. then you can make your own box and decorate it.. how wonderful is that!

She also has a little online shop of her goodies for sale..

Again don't forget to follow us as we go out on our venture to find FREEBIES just for you!

Here is her link....Bits Of Paper

Crafty Cardz

Why not take a quick look at some Freebie Backing Papers that you can have a chance of winning.. they are posted at Crafty Cardz. 

These Seasonal Backing Papers have been designed for Tellen's Place for one of the challenges... so keep and eye on that.. and they could be exclusively yours!

Fun with pictures!

Ok.. not going to harp on each post with Free this Free that!  So what you can gather is that if we post something.. then it will have some form of FREEBIE on there.  Won't hurt you to have a look at some of the great sites we find!

This great little site I found has something to keep all the family entertained even something there for the avid crafter to make use of.  Well ok.. mainly for the kids.. but if the kids are happy crafting.. then this gives you more time to craft!  See the logic there... gee I am good!

See this will even entertain the young boys out there... they have many colouring pages.. for all topics... well worth a look!  Go on you know you want to!!

Don't forget to follow us to see what else we come up with!   Ok here is the link to their site...

Fun With Pictures...  have fun and come back soon!

Tellen's Place and Crafters Delight

Tellen's Place.......

Now what can I say.. this lovely blog is so sweet... it is run by a wonderful lady called Terry and she has just recruited her DT.. so on the 18th November we hear she will be giving one of her fantastic digital images away to help with the challenge she is starting ....

Her images are drawn by her son Markus.. they are just so cute... so well worth nipping by and taking a look.

She also runs Crafter's Delight... this stunning blog has plenty of how to or what is on.. and some great things that would inspire you... so don't forget to nip over there too!

Don't forget to follow us and let us know you have been by leaving us a comment!

Christmas Goodies and More! All Free

Not long now till Christmas and this time of the year... for some of us it means a very busy crafting time!  Long gone seems the day where everyone would sit down and make something special for friends and family.

But if you are on a shoe-string or just even being careful... why not take a look at this fab little site.  I came across this some time ago and just fell in love with their quirky little ideas... from Christmas decorations... patterns for knitting etc and even projects.

Don't forget to become a follower here... so you don't miss out on the next FREEBIE site we find.. just for YOU!

Look at this... learn how to make beautiful beaded Angels..

Then go on to do this beautiful no sew trinket box..

Well here is the link... don't forget to follow us and of course come back and show  us what you have made!

Happy Crafting.

All Free Crafts