Monday, November 16, 2009

Bits Of Paper Blog

This lovely blog has been passed on to us... at what a find it is.. thank  you!  Isn't it great that we all share!

Anyway.. the site is run by lady called Jamie Lane.. she seems to love bits of paper!... but not only that she brings you some Cricut files.  so for all of you out there.. why not jump at the chance to go over and see what she has to offer.

Her is a Wii box that she has on  her site... the directions are also there...

So if you have got some one a game .. then you can make your own box and decorate it.. how wonderful is that!

She also has a little online shop of her goodies for sale..

Again don't forget to follow us as we go out on our venture to find FREEBIES just for you!

Here is her link....Bits Of Paper

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