Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Envelope Holiday Gift Bag

You know, we are all on a budget and sometimes it's hard to think of gifts and save money at the same time. Well at Humble Pie Stamps, not only do they have a fantastic idea for a gift, but an even cuter idea to put the gift in --- an envelope!

Isn't that too cute? Tricia wrote that you can fill these with those miniature lotions, shampoos, etc. It is a cute gift for someone who could certainly use this to fill up the travel bag or a student (they can keep these in their lockers at school). You can fill it with candy and give to a co-worker or friend. Those miniature chocolates are usually on sale right about now. So many opportunities.

Click here to find out how to make this yourself.

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1CardCreator said...

This is so cute! Thanks for sharing. ~Diane